Our team's submission for Ludum Dare 44. The theme was "Your life is currency".

PS: Works better in fullscreen.

PS: Sorry we didn't implement an exit button. Use ESC key please

You can find the messy source code at Github.

You are a magically infused cat who is trying to reach a higher plane of existence. Nirvana if You will.

You have an ability to trade Your age for free stuff.

But free stuff ain’t free, there is a curse. You’re not getting any money when You sell stuff. You’re getting value of the trade added to Your age. And your aging speed is influenced by events happening in the world as well as the stuff you own. Sell too much and You die quickly. Of old age. Buy too much useless shit and You poof out of existence.

Any time You can choose to end the game by ASCENDING! All the years you have accumulated will be tallied and the total count will carry you to your new life.

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip, double-click BM-Ascension.exe.

macOS: Sorry, I don't know. :(

Linux: Unzip, double click BM-Ascension.x86. (If that doesn't work, right click it, choose Properties, choose Permissions, tick the checkbox "executable".)


Ascension v0.18 Linux32.zip 20 MB
Ascension v0.18 MSWindows32.zip 15 MB
Ascension v0.18 macOS.zip 19 MB

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